5 Reasons to Use an Automatic Forage Feeder for Your Horse

Have you ever wondered if you were doing more harm than good by feeding your horse two or three times per day? What if there was a solution that help both you and your horse? Most people who own horses, own them for reasons beyond just riding them – even though that’s most everyone’s main reason. Many horse people simply enjoy taking care of their horses. Feeding them with an automatic feeder can optimize their overall well-being.


What is an automatic horse feeder?

Automatic horse feeders provide horses with access to forage, like grass or alfalfa hay, for a specific amount of time. These forage feeders operate on a timer, which allows the horse to consume around 20 pounds of hay throughout the day – rather than in two or three settings.

In their natural environment, horses typically graze for 12-14 hours per day and will consume 1.5 to 2.5 percent of their body weight. Automatic horse feeders allow horses to consume their forage needs that support natural grazing behavior.


Why should I buy an automatic horse feeder?

  1. They increase nutrient digestibility in horses. Feeding small, frequent meals can help prevent gastric ulcers and hindgut acidosis, in addition to maintaining a proper body condition score.

  2. They improve the overall health of the horse: When horses get bored, they get curious. This curiosity can lead to stress, anxiety, or even injuries. A properly fed horse can help alleviate horses developing bad habits like, cribbing, and be calmer throughout the day.

  3. They reduce hay drop or hay waste: Horses love to stand at free-choice feeder to “graze”, but too often they pick thru the hay source – leaving a good portion on the ground to go to waste.

  4. They save you money: Let’s be honest, feeding horses isn’t cheap. By limiting the amount of hay that ends up on the ground, you’ll go thru less hay thus saving money. Plus, through improved digestion, your horse is more likely to get maximum nutrition from forage – all to help you save money on additional grain and supplements.

  5. They make your life easier: Horse ownership can make it hard to schedule work and social activities around feeding time. Automatic horse feeders allow you to schedule feeding your horse as many times throughout the day – without having to drop what you are doing to get to the barn to feed. Plus, when you do get to the barn your horses are fed and ready to work, meaning more time in the saddle. Next time, you don’t have to leave your family gathering or work party to get home in time to feed your horses.


Feeding horses multiple times per day is unrealistic for most horse owners or stables, given most people aren’t able to leave work to feed their horses that often. A solution to this problem is feeding the horses free-choice with 3x3 or 4x4x8 bulk hay bales. While this might be feasible for some horse owners, most do not own tractors or equipment big enough to move these hay bales to feed this way. Automatic horse feeders, like HayBox, can be the perfect solution to accomplish feeding multiple times per day. These feeders give horse owners convenience and freedom, all while maintaining overall health of their horses.

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