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When it comes to caring for our horses, finding ways to save on costs without compromising their well-being is always a top priority. That's where The HayBox comes in. As an automatic horse feeder designed to reduce hay drop and waste, The HayBox not only ensures your horses receive the nutrition they need but also provides significant savings. Let's explore some statistics that highlight the potential for savings when using The HayBox automatic horse feeder. Buy yours now!

Calculate Hay Savings


Hay Wastage

One of the most significant costs associated with horse care is the amount of hay wasted during feeding. Penn State researchers found in 2020 that automated feeders can reduce hay wastage by up to 50%. This means less money spent on purchasing additional hay and fewer resources wasted.


Annual Feeding Costs

Proper portion control is crucial when it comes to managing the feeding costs for your horses. Implementing an automated feeder like The HayBox can help save between 20% to 40% on annual feed costs, according to Elite Equestrian Magazine. By accurately measuring and dispensing portions, you can ensure your horses are receiving only what they need, avoiding unnecessary feed expenses.


How Often Horses Should Eat

Feeding your horse multiple times a day is recommended by Tribute Equine Nutrition for optimal health and performance. The absolute minimum is to feed your horse twice a day, evenly dividing their meals. However, the recommended feeding schedule for a horse would include meals three to five times a day. With The HayBox automatic horse feeder, you can make multiple daily feedings easier than ever.


Reduce Digestive Issues

Horse Journals reports that horses should receive frequent, small meals, as opposed to large meals fed less often. This is because feeding horses with an irregular eating pattern can lead to health issues such as colic, ulcers, and laminitis. Automated feeders, however, can help ensure a more regular eating pattern, resulting in a reduced risk of gastric ulcers. The HayBox can significantly contribute to reducing digestive issues in horses, which can be costly to treat.

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Investing in an automated horse feeder like The HayBox not only benefits your horses' health and nutrition but can also lead to substantial savings. By reducing hay wastage, managing portion control, establishing consistent feeding routines, and minimizing the risk of digestive issues, you can save money on feed costs while optimizing your horses' well-being. Shop our automatic feeders now!

Calculate Hay Savings