How to Reduce Hay Waste With the HayBox Horse Feeder

At HayBox, we understand the importance of efficient horse feeding while minimizing hay waste. Traditional methods often lead to unnecessary waste and additional costs. Our solution? The HayBox horse feeder — a cutting-edge equine feeding system designed to revolutionize how you care for your horses. Learn more and start reducing your hay waste by purchasing our horse feeders today!

Horse eating hay.

Automated Preservation System

Our feeder features an automated lid powered by a heavy-duty actuator system. This lid is more than just a cover; it's a safeguard against the elements. Sloped to divert rain and snow away from the feeding area, it ensures your horses receive fresh, uncontaminated hay. Paired with a perforated floor that promotes constant airflow and easy drainage, our preservation system not only maintains hay quality but significantly reduces waste.

Horse leaning down to eat hay.

Precision Feeding With Programmable Timer

We understand the importance of a consistent feeding schedule. Our programmable timer allows you to set the feeder to open and close up to seven times a day. This precision feeding not only meets your horse's specific needs but also prevents overconsumption, contributing to reduced hay waste. With a backup memory for power outages and a daylight savings time switch, our timer ensures uninterrupted feeding routines.

Large HayBox.

Enhanced Safety Features for Equine Well-Being

Our feeder goes beyond convenience; it prioritizes safety. The safety hinges on the lid fold in and out, providing headroom during feeding and secure access afterward. This design not only ensures the well-being of your horses but also minimizes the risk of injuries. Invest in a feeder that prioritizes safety alongside efficiency.

Horse looking happy.

Effortless Handling and Mobility

Designed for your convenience, our feeder features an outward swinging easy loading door with an interior latch for hassle-free loading and cleaning. Heavy-duty sled tracking allows you to move the feeder effortlessly around your property, catering to the changing needs of your equine space. These user-friendly features contribute to a smoother equine care routine, minimizing both time and hay waste.

HayBox offers a comprehensive solution for horse owners seeking to reduce hay waste and enhance equine nutrition. Our feeder's automated preservation system, precision feeding with the programmable timer, enhanced safety features, and effortless handling make it a must-have for efficient and sustainable equine care. Choose our horse feeder to optimize your horses' nutrition and streamline your feeding routine. Browse our horse feeders today!

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