The Difference Between Scheduled Horse Feeding and Free-Choice Feeding

Horse feeding is a crucial element in maintaining a horse’s health and well-being. When it comes to feeding horses, there are two popular methods: scheduled feeding and free-choice feeding. Each method has its pros and cons, so it’s essential to understand the difference between the two. At HayBox, we prioritize healthy horses through proper feeding methods. Read on to learn more, and shop our automatic horse feeders today.


Schedule Horse Feeding

This feeding method ensures a horse is fed at specific times throughout the day, with predetermined quantities of feed. With the help of an automatic feeder to keep the schedule consistent, this can be a great feeding method for horses.


Free-Choice Feeding

On the other hand, free-choice feeding refers to allowing a horse to have access to food continuously. This method of feeding allows the horse to eat whenever it wants and mimics their natural feeding habits as a grazing animal.


What Are the Differences?

Using an automatic horse feeder for scheduled feeding ensures the meals are spread throughout the meal, stopping the horse’s digestive system from becoming overloaded. Scheduled feeding can also reduce the amount of hay drop and hay waste.

Free-choice feeding can quickly lead to obesity issues if not closely monitored. It’s essential to monitor a horse’s weight and cut back on food if needed. Additionally, the horse may pick through the feeding, wasting it or creating unnecessary messes.


Which Is Right for Your Horse?

Both scheduled and free-choice feeding have their advantages and disadvantages, and the decisions will ultimately depend on your horse’s individual needs. Consultation with a veterinarian or equine nutritionist can also help in making an informed decision on which feeding method is best for your horse.

If you choose schedule feeding as your horse’s feeding method, our HayBox Pro Feeders are the perfect solution for you! We’ve designed our automatic horse feeder to provide your horse with the nutrition they need while eliminating hay waste and preventing overeating. Ready to start scheduled feeding? Learn more about the HayBox today!

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